NKU Field Station

Sr. Mary Jo Hummeldorf and Sr. Mary Bezold attended the grand opening of the NKU Research and Education Field Station at the site of the St. Anne Wetlands off Anderson Road in Melbourne on Friday, May 19, 2017. What began in 2006 with an education team formed by Sr. Mary Jo has certainly grown and developed over the years. That early team of men and women who represented the Forestry Department, Northern Kentucky University, Campbell County Extension Office, Thomas More College and Xavier University dreamed about a field station and opportunities for local students to explore and research the veritable virgin wetlands and woodlands once owned by the Sisters of Divine Providence....full story >

Triptych Restored

Recently restored paintings depicting two Sisters of Divine Providence who had early influence on the congregation will soon find a place of prominence again at St. Anne Province Center in Melbourne. Years of candle smoke and exposure to dust which darkened and stained the paintings were removed recently by Wiebold Studio in Cincinnati. Originally mounted in Sacred Heart Chapel of St. Anne Convent, the panels were part of a triptych painted in 1930 by Carl Zimmerman of the Cincinnati Art Academy in imitation of medieval liturgical art to harmonize with the architectural design of the entire chapel....full story >


In Madagascar a dime makes a difference!

To construct a simple school building in the poorest areas, approximately 33,000 bricks are needed. One brick costs 40 Ariary ($0.02) One dime buys 5 bricks.  Total cost for bricks $660. Parents gladly provide the labor.

Bricks are just the first priority. Each construction project needs other materials (metal roofing, cement, etc.) and classrooms need supplies and simple furnishings. Buy 5, 10 or 20 bricks. The cost is little and the educational rewards for the children of Madagascar are great!...full story >

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