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Statement on Tree of Life Synagogue

October 2018

We, Sisters of Divine Providence, know that hatred has no place in our country, our world or our hearts.   We decry the shootings at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and offer our prayers for the victims and their families. 

From our experience of living with and working with people in many places and with differing nationalities and beliefs we have learned that it is in a culture of inclusion and respect that a healthy society can exist.  We urge our government leaders to allow asylum seekers to enter our country and to treat immigrants and their families with respect.  We call on Congress to pass an alternative to our present punitive, detention-based  immigration policy.  We strongly encourage EVERYONE to refrain from incendiary and often unsubstantiated rhetoric that divides our nation and that may lead some to violent actions.

We mourn with our Jewish sisters and brothers and dare to hope that from this pain will come a new and permanent resolve to end all forms of anti-Semitism and racism in our communities and country.

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