A Dime makes a Difference

In Madagascar a dime makes a difference!

To construct a simple school building in the poorest areas, approximately 33,000 bricks are needed. 
One brick costs 40 Ariary ($0.02) One dime buys 5 bricks.  Total cost for bricks $660. Parents gladly provide the labor. 

Bricks are just the first priority. Each construction project needs other materials (metal roofing, cement, etc.) and classrooms need supplies and simple furnishings. 

Buy 5, 10 or 20 bricks. The cost is little and the educational rewards for the children of Madagascar are great!

Education in the poorest areas of Madagascar is precarious.  For the last 15 years, parents in the Bealanana Region have tried to collect money to pay teachers, gather simple materials and find space for classes.  The families are poor and make their living on food crops.  There are times when there is no money.

Though the schools are diocesan, the diocese does not provide for them.

Sr. Rosine Rasoarivao, CDP, has taken on the responsibility of encouraging teachers and students and helping parents provide what is needed to keep the schools going.  Sr. Rosine has identified  eight villages that need new schools immediately. She visits each school, traveling on foot or by motorcycle. 

For more information please contact Sr. Margaret Verhoff at 859-652-6394 or mverhoff@cdpkentucky.org; To contribute to the Dime Project, make checks payable to Congregation of Divine Providence, 5300 St. Anne Drive, Melbourne, KY  41059.