Becoming A Sister

Vocation Team

Sr. Leslie Keener, CDP


Sr. Jean Menke, CDP

Do you think you may be hearing a call to religious life?
Sister Lynn Stenken, CDP shares some wonderful insights about the call to consecrated life that you may find helpful. Listen to this talk by clicking HERE.

Is God Calling You?

One thing is for sure – God calls everyone to do His work on earth.  The questions for most of us are, “What does God want me to do?”  “How can I be relevant in this world?”  “What will truly make me happy?”

In some ways God’s call is mysterious; in other ways it’s very ordinary.  God always give us signs!  What are your interests?  Does a life of service beckon?  Are you serious about deepening your prayer life?  In your thinking and daydreaming, does living and working with other committed women linger among those thoughts?  Often when God calls to religious life, there is an unsettledness with “what is” in your life.  Are you feeling that? 

If you are experiencing any of this, don’t dismiss it – God just may be calling you! 

We are Sisters of Divine Providence.  We all have a story, just like you, and each one is different.   We felt that uneasiness and heard that whisper deep in our being.  We followed not because we were particularly gifted, or had winning personalities.  We didn’t necessarily have it all together!  We trusted in Christ, who calls for his own reasons. 

How Do You Figure This Out?

First of all, don’t be alone on this journey!  This discernment process is one you will want help and support to explore.  We would feel privileged to walk with you through a variety of ways:

  • personal spiritual direction
  •  a visit from us
  • joining a CDP community for dinner and prayer
  • a morning of recollection
  • experiencing ministry with a sister

These are all ways to get in touch with your own call and comparing it to the life we lead as Sisters of Divine Providence.

Are There Any Basic Requirements?

As with any life style there are some requirements of those who seek entrance:

  • Women called by God who are generally between the ages of 21 and 45
  • A citizen of the United States or a legal resident in the U.S.
  • Having received the sacraments of initiation in the Roman Catholic Church
  • In good canonical standing in the Roman Catholic Church
  • Single and willing to live a celibate lifestyle
  • Capable and willing to make a lifetime commitment
  • Generally in good physical and psychological health
  • Having a successful employment record or is engaged in higher education
  • Free from serious financial debts and obligations
  • Successfully passing a criminal background check

Religious Life?

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