Hear, Hear!

The Sisters have been talking about a new addition to the dining room, recreation room, and Providence Hall, and, for a change, they can hear one another more clearly!

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, these areas have been retrofitted with sound suppression panels. The additions were seamlessly integrated into the spaces. In some areas, they are a visual enhancement, while in others they simply blend into the background. But while you may not see the difference, you certainly can hear it.

Sister Mary Jo Hummeldorf expressed her frustration over the sound situation earlier this year. “It was such a shame. You’d be trying to have a conversation over dinner and you simply could not hear or understand what the other person was saying because the sounds bounced around off of all the hard surfaces.   When we’d have presentations in Providence Hall—with really important information—many could only hear with the special hearing devices they needed to use. Especially for our Sisters with older ears, it was a very frustrating situation.”

The funding for the sound panels was kicked off at our Evening Under the Oaks event and work on the common areas started almost immediately. Many of the Sisters have expressed their appreciation of the sound panels and the positive impact they have made on community life.

And Sister Mary Jo couldn’t be happier. “I am very grateful that I can relax at table and understand what the Sisters at my table are saying rather than having to strain to hear and understand.”

We are grateful to all who contributed to this terrific improvement to our Sisters’ quality of life.