Peace Prayer for 2017

Light a Candle for Peace

Provident God of Justice, you sent your Son to show me the way.  Jesus healed, ate with, walked with and taught people no matter what their status in society.  Discrimination, violence and hate were never a part of Him.  May it never be a part of me.

Provident God of Us All, you have created all people equal out of love, loving not one race or people more than another.  You call me to love as you love.  Help me to open my mind and my heart to those whom I fear or look down upon because of race, creed or color.  Help me to be open to all people who are in need of safety and help for the survival of their family.  For you open your arms of love to those in need and call me to do the same.

Provident God of Peace, we are living in a troubled world.  Help me to know that my attitude, words and actions do make a difference.  Help me to be a true Christian, not just in name, but one living the life of Gospel values.  May I be an instrument of your love and peace this day and all the days of my life.  Amen.