Who We Are

“As for me, I expect everything from Providence.” –John Martin Moye

This video, made in 2012, features former Provincial Sr. Frances Moore.  It gives a glimpse into our history, our charism, and several of our ministries.

In August 1889, Sr.M. Chantal Arth, Sr. Camille Schaff, and Sr. Mary Lucy Damidio set out from the convent in St. Jean de Bassel,  France to come to the diocese of Covington, KY.  Barely able to speak English and with no convent to live in, they abandoned themselves to Providence trusting in God in much the same way as the first sisters sent by Jean Martin Moye had done. Their first school and convent was in a large, old, castle-like home on a hilltop in Newport., KY.  Talented and enthusiastic women from France and soon from the local area joined the community.  Sisters taught school but also took care of orphans, did healthcare, guided immigrants, cooked meals, and served God’s people in a variety ways as needs were discovered.  Always they trusted that God was working with them and through them and God was.

Sisters today continue in that same spirit.  They are educators, healthcare professionals, pastoral associates, directors of religious education.  They work with immigrants, elderly persons , within minority communities,  are involved with peace and justice issues, and  seek always to serve those most in need.  Spread throughout seven states and in several countries the sisters have the same mission: to be the face of a loving, provident God to all they meet.  Most importantly, they hold the world and all its people in their daily prayer.